Missing 15-year-old girl with mental capacity of 8-year-old reunited with family

Missing since Wednesday, a 15-year-old Utah girl is returned to her family.

15-year-old Oceanna Storey was consumed with hugs and tears as she was reunited with her mother and step-mother outside the Murray Police Department Saturday afternoon.

Kari Bo, Oceanna's mother said, "I loved her and I missed her so much and I don't know what I would do without, my life without her."

Oceanna had been missing since Wednesday night, when she left her home in Murray after getting into an argument with her father.

Jennifer Storey, Oceanna's stepmother said, "It was starting to feel helpless it was going on four nights already, we couldn't do it one more night."

On Saturday morning family and friends were conducting a search at James Madison Park, where she was last reported seen.

According to her mother, she was supposedly hanging around homeless people near the Jordan River.

"To think who she was with, what she was doing, if she was being hurt of abducted because of her mental state," Bo said.

Oceanna only has the mental capacity of an eight year old.

It was Salt Lake City Police who found her, after receiving a tip from the public, that she was spotted walking downtown.

Oceanna was interviewed for about 30 minutes by Murray Law Enforcement, before returning home with her family.

Oceanna said, "I love my family so much, I didn't know how cool it would be to have a family."

When asked where she had been for the past few days, Oceanna responded,"Well I've been with this guy that been taking care of me I guess he calls himself Ellsy."

According to Oceanna, this stranger fed her and kept her warm.

She said, "Even though I told him I wasn't hungry for a thousand times he kept asking me and I was like no."

Police are still investigating who this Ellsy person may be, but at this time they don't believe Oceanna was abducted.

Officer Kenny Bass with Murray City Police Department said, "Right now we don't have any information indicating that that's what occurred."