Missing person case spans three states

Police are asking for help in a missing person case spanning over three states.

Eight full days have passed since 50-year-old Vianela Tavera was seen or heard from. Loved ones say the New York native known as Tere headed to Philadelphia last Saturday to visit her boyfriend as she's done for the last year.

"She went to Philadelphia and she never came back," said Vianela's Daughter Mailin Tavera

Mailin said her mother would never let her 5 children worry including her 12-year-old daughter, or miss work as a school bus driver.

"She would call us and tell us she was ok but this time she didn't answer," said Mailin.

On Monday, Fairfax, Virginia police responded to a medical call for a man inside Vianela's 2013 Acura MDX. responding officers arrested 38-year-old Luis Negron-Martinez on charges saying he stole Vianela's car. Police say they found a handgun inside the Acura. But Vianela was not there. Family members say Luis was Vianela's long distance boyfriend.

"We decided to go to five hospitals just asking for unknown females in the last 8 days no one has walked in with her description. We just want answers," said Vianela's cousin Yohanni Rosado.

Officials say they have reason to believe Tavera made it to Philadelphia to visit Negron-Martinez before going missing. Police also suspect Tavera may have been harmed when she went missing