Mobile community unit helps bring fun, safety to often dejected Philadelphia neighborhoods

Michael ‘O.G. Law' Ta’bon is the physical manifestation of community outreach. The Philadelphia native has been serving his community long before homicides reached the number they're at today. 

His efforts, however, don’t come in the form of policies or procedures. Instead, his change comes in the form of presence and availability to the youth of Philadelphia wherever they are.

"I’m learning that if you provide safety for a group of people that’s in war it creates a certain level of compassion in their heart and for them to keep coming back and not going to the trap to shoot out whoever they're running from," Ta’bon said. "they come here hide to play ball, they obviously rather play ball to the shoot out."

Michael ‘O.G. Law' Ta’bon brings his Mobile Community Unit to Philadelphia neighborhoods.

Ta’bon made a mobile community unit that's open 24/7 to children and families, including teens and adults. It has a basketball hoop, a full studio set up to record music and a play area for kids. 

The goal of the mobile community unit is not just to provide a safe space, but to place positive-minded people in areas where negative thinking is often top of mind. 

"I'm not saying I can stop violence, but I do have a vehicle that can help bring it down by showing up when it’s warm, we know it’s about to get hot, show some love," Ta’bon said. 

FOX 29's Marcus Espinoza caught up with Ta’bon and saw the impact of the mobile community unit firsthand. 

"We need more of this. We need more community, more brothers sticking together trying to lead by example, give the kids something to look forward to & give them different opportunities," Isiah Mogan said.