Mom and daughter surprised with refurbished car

Christmas came early for a very deserving mom and daughter in Gloucester County, New Jersey. They got a gift that will change their lives.

"I was in shock. I just kept looking a my mom. I don't think she knew it was ours and I'm like it's ours," car recipient Mariani Torres said.

Mariani and her mom got keys to a newly refurbished car. Mariana Torres and her 20-year old daughter, Mariani, unwrapped their Chevy Equinox on Wednesday.

Neither mom nor daughter had any idea they had been chosen to receive this amazing present.

For the last 14 years Boggs Auto Collision and Rebuilders donates a wrecked car that it restores to a deserving family or organization.

"All the effort, all the time. Everything that goes into it when you see the reaction you can't really describe it," owner Jason Boggs said.

Until now, they shared a car with 166,000 miles on it and often in need of repair. Mariani works and is a student at Rowan College of Gloucester County. Her mom has two jobs. One of them cleaning at Christ Church in Woodbury.

Father Brian Burgess wrote a letter recommending the Torres.

"There's never a complaint about what they do and what they offer. It takes others in the community to standup and say it's their turn," he said.

The car is a 2008, but the guys in the auto body shop got it into pristine condition. The car looks and feels brand new.