Husband charged in stabbing deaths of wife, mother-in-law who were found in Philadelphia basement

A man has been arrested and charged in the stabbing deaths of his wife and mother, who were found dead in the basement of a Philadelphia home earlier this week. 

Police were called to the 6000 block of Bingham Street around 1:30 p.m. Tuesday afternoon for a call of a person with a gun. 

Inside they found Angela Trejo, 75, and Alma Barberena, 58, stabbed to death in the basement.

Leandro Barberena, 43 (Philadelphia Police Department)

Philadelphia Police Staff Inspector Ernest Ransom shared during a Thursday morning press conference that Barberena, Trejo’s daughter, had gone to the home to help her parents with a telemedicine appointment. 

Ransom says that 43-year-old Leandro Barberena, Alma’s husband, called 911 to report that he found his wife and her mother in the basement, suffering from stab wounds. 


Investigators say Alma was found to have defensive wounds to her hands and arms, and her husband also had scratches and cuts on his hands.

A glove covered in blood was also found at the scene. Police obtained a search warrant for Leandro Barberena’s vehicle, and police say a matching glove was found inside. 

Ransom says that a combination of video evidence, witness statements, and the 911 call led investigators to conclude that the women were stabbed between the hours of 11 a.m. and 12 p.m. Tuesday. 

Leandro Barberena has been charged with two counts of murder, possession of an instrument of crime, tampering with evidence and obstruction of justice. 

Police say they received no prior calls for reports of domestic incidents at the home, or at the Barberena’s home.