Mom performs adorable rap for son's birthday

My Mother Recorded a Rap Video for My Birthday... from Miles Demars-Rote on Vimeo.

One mom gave her son a pretty impressive and creative birthday gift recently - an original rap detailing his life from his birth "four weeks late" to his service in the Marines where he became a "lean, mean, fighting-machine."

Miles Demars-Rote posted the video to Vimeo on August 24. It features his mom dressed in a hoodie and a green bandanna tied around her head.

His mom stumbles over a few words as she tries to keep in rhythm with the beat, but its endearing nonetheless.

Miles is the program director for the Warriors for Healing ambassador's program. He also frequently does yoga which he took up after suffering PTSD from his service in the Marines.

He is also a former police officer and currently works as a private investigator, per his LinkedIn page.