Mom Reunites With 'Baby Whisperer' Who Soothed Crying Tot on Flight: She's a 'Guardian Angel'

Chicago (INSIDE EDITION)-A mom couldn't stop her baby from crying on a plane - until another woman swooped and immediately got the tot to settle down.

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Rebekka Garvison was flying from Chicago to Atlanta to visit her husband Nick, an Army firefighter.

Four-month-old Rylee - their first baby - just would not settle down.

"She wouldn't take her pacifier. I tried her toys, that wasn't working, either," the mom told INSIDE EDITION.

One passenger - a total stranger - offered a helping hand. She said, 'Do you mind if I help - if I try?' And I said, 'Of course not,'" said Garvison.

The passenger took baby Rylee, and in that instant she stopped crying. And not only did she stop crying - she fell asleep.

Garvison snapped pictures of baby Rylee asleep in the stranger's arms. She held her for the entire flight.

"I had tears in my eyes. I have to get pictures of this. I had to show my family and friends," she said.

She posted it on Facebook and everyone was blown away by this random act of simple kindness. The story was shared more than 100,000 times.

"What a wonderful lady!" said one person online. "This is so amazing!" said another.

So who's the woman everyone's calling the baby whisperer?? "I'm a doting baby lover - I really do love babies!" Nyfesha Miller told INSIDE EDITION. They women reunited for IE.

Miller said her heart went out to the young mom, travelling alone, and she was compelled to lend a hand."She was like, 'I've tried everything and she just won't stop crying,' and I was like, 'Well - I can try, if you don't mind,'" said Miller.

So what's her secret? Well, she has lots of experience - she's a mom of three.

"I don't have babies anymore and I kind of miss it. That was a treat for me to have her - it was a blessing for both of us," she said.

Now these strangers on a plane have become fast friends and they're hoping their encounter will inspire others to care instead of stare.

"She was definitely our guardian angel that day," said Garvison