Mom upset about 'sexy' costumes for little girls, writes open letter to Party City

An open letter to #PartyCity:Dear Party City, Having just finished perusing your website for Halloween costumes for...

(WTXF) - Like many parents, Lin Kramer headed to Party City to purchase a Halloween costume for her three-year-old daughter.

After perusing the wide variety of costumes for little ones, Kramer found herself disheartened by the selection available for little girls.

She discovered that of the 45 costume options available for little girls, only three of them were occupation related, compared to a total of 16 occupation related costumes for boys, out of a total of 53.

The mother also found that there was a large discrepancy in the way girls versus boy's costumes were presented. So Kramer took to Facebook to vent her frustrations. In an open letter to Party City she explains how frustrated she is with their costume selection.

She found herself particularly frustrated with the presumed sexualization of the girl's Halloween costumes. One particular example she sites is the differences between the boy and girl police officer outfits.

"Toddler girls are not imagining and hoping that they will grow up to become a 'sexy cop' --- which is clearly what your girl costume suggests," she writes. "Rather, young girls, just as young boys, see and admire their family members and neighbors offering service to their communities and delight in the idea of doing the same. I am absolutely appalled that your business reinterprets girls' innocent and well-intentioned dreams into this costume."

Kramer goes on to explain that Party City could make the same costumes for girls as they do for boys.

"Your company could EASILY include many, if not all, of the costumes you have in the boys' section as options in the girls' section as well!" she explains. "And in so doing, you would not only improve the message you are sending to society, but you might actually help your bottom line by selling more costumes (since little girls shopping with their parents would be more likely to see these options)!"

The company responded to Kramer's concerns in a statement saying, "Party City supplies a broad assortment of costumes suitable for all styles, tastes and budges. We believe parents are as involved in their children's costume choices as they are in selecting their everyday attire."