Monkey On The Loose Found At North Carolina Hospital

NORTH CAROLINA--(MYFOXCAROLINAS)--Authorities say they have captured a monkey after they say he attacked a person in a North Carolina Hospital parking lot on Wednesday.

The monkey, known as Carter, was found safe on Thursday. Carter, a Capuchin monkey, was located in the Carolinas Medical Center-University parking lot Thursday around 5:15 p.m.

This comes after officers were called to the hospital Wednesday for a report of a monkey on the loose in the parking lot. The hospital says the monkey was contained in a bin by a hospital maintenance worker. According to authorities, the monkey apparently attacked the worker and escaped into the woods.

University Security personnel were able to corner the monkey under a vehicle until an Animal Control Officer arrived, according to CMPD Animal Care. The officer got the monkey with the help of a family member of its owner. He was taken to the Animal Care and Control facility.

Carter will be held in an isolation area until Mecklenburg County Health Department decides the best rabies quarantine or testing protocol, according to CMPD Animal Care. This incident is still under investigation.