Montgomery County begins administering booster shots

In a space once used as a furniture store in the sprawling King of Prussia Mall, Montgomery County injected its first Pfizer booster shots Monday.

The rollout of boosters in the 800,000 resident county came just days after the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention approved booster shots for millions of Americans 65 years or older, especially vulnerable to the virus and frontline workers.

Hank and Margie Hoffman said they came for boosters with their three, young grandkids in mind. 

"We have grandchildren," said Margie Hoffman. "They can’t get vaccinated yet so we’re always worried about them. We want to be as protected as we can."

The Hoffmans were part of a group of 60 people who registered for boosters at the mall location. The county is offering booster shots in three other sites across the county, including West Midland Road in Willow Grove.


Kaylyn Roberts, who works for the Montgomery County Health Department, said residents arriving for shots want a boost. 

"We’re giving them that shot to boost immunity back to where it was a couple of months ago," she explained.

Along with older and potentially vulnerable Americans, frontline workers are also eligible for a Pfizer booster if they’re six months out from their last shot and attest to being eligible.  Montgomery County is not checking resident’s claims of eligibility.

Health officials said there’s plenty of vaccine for boosters, they hope there’s an equal amount of interest in taking them.

Hank Hoffman said he thinks the booster will further protect him and called today "a great day."



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