Montgomery County pharmacy working to administer second vaccine dose after delayed shipments

Skippack Pharmacy is working to administer the second COVID-19 vaccine dose after delayed shipments. They are hoping for a shipment to come in so they can reschedule appointments.

"This is just an added layer of protection for all of us," said Jennifer Leap. She’s excited that she’s almost fully vaccinated. 

"Being able to say hey I've got the first one and my second one is right around the corner. This is what we need," she said. But when she was due for her second dose last weekend Skippack Pharmacy notified her they hadn't received the next batch. 

"We did not get the vaccines," said Leap who also had a kidney transplant two years ago. She is remaining hopeful after hearing from the pharmacy that they anticipate the vaccine shipment coming in time for its first second dose clinic this Sunday. 

Dr. Mayank Amin known by customers as Dr. Mak is the pharmacy manager. 

"We're providing the Pfizer vaccine here so that's a three week window however with the recent guidelines from the CDC now they're allowing for a 24 to 42 window for the vaccine," he said. Dr. Mak says they are still trying to get everyone closer to the earlier window but that recent snow delayed vaccines by a week or two. 

"Obviously at the pharmacy end that ended up piling up on our end because now you have 1,000 people that were supposed to get their second doses calling, emailing, messaging because they're genuinely concerned," he said.

FOX 29's Shawnette Wilson asked Dr. Mak about recent distribution debacles like Montgomery County not getting the number of vaccines reflective of its population. He says he's confident in state officials. 

"Ever since the shortage happened they communicate with us actually every single day. We never thought there was going to be that level of communication but every single day the health secretary gets on a call with the providers," said Dr. Mak.  

Christine Sinotte is also feeling encouraged about getting the missed dose this weekend. 

"We just have to wait. We just have to be patient," said Sinotte. 

Dr. Mak says he isn't rescheduling appointments until the shipment is in. They will send out emails and update social media on this week’s clinic. 

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