Moorestown residents discover bag of suspected heroin in leaf pile

A New Jersey woman says she snapped a photo of something suspicious she found right outside of her home and sent it to police. She was shocked to learn that it wasn't garbage, but instead a dangerous and powerful drug.

It all happened on a quaint tree-lined block in Moorestown, when a young mom found a small bag nestled among her leaves at the curb. She took a photo of the bag, shared it on social media ad immediately contacted police.

Officers suspect the bag contained heroin that may possibly have been laced with fentanyl.

"They were wearing gloves when I saw them and told her that if anyone touched it laced with the wrong thing it could be catastrophic," neighbor Jen Allen said of the police response.

Allen says she is using the discovery as a teaching moment for her own children, ages eight and four.

It was scary. Right out front and scary that it was drugs and I showed you the pictures so that if you ever see anything like that you know not to pick it up and find a grown up," Jen explained to her children.

Lt Howard Mann of the Moorestown Police Department reconfirms that the opioid epidemic knows no geographical boundaries. You can find evidence of the problem just about anywhere.