More vaccine doses coming to Delaware County through new partnership

More doses are coming your way in Delaware County all thanks to a new partnership, vaccines will be given out at Springfield Hospital.

For a county that does not have its own health department, Delaware County is still doing all it can to provide vaccination options for its resident. 

Delaware councilmember Kevin Madden says he’s bothered by the lack of availability of the vaccine to his county.

 "We’re beyond frustrated. We’re angry. I don’t really understand why we are not getting our share," he said.

Despite that, the county at large is still partnering with local health facilities to distribute the vaccines they do have.

"Crozer Health and the Delaware County public health folks have been working on a public, private partnership for another COVID-19 vaccine clinic and were nearing the finish line to be able to launch that," Dr. Zimmer said.

Dr. Gary Zimmer is the chief medical officer at Crozer Health. He says so far Crozer has vaccinated 30,000 people, but he hopes this newest partnership to vaccinate at Springfield Hospital will only increase that effort, especially because of its location.

"Delaware County has been looking to improve the geographic diversity of where the vaccine is available just in terms of covering the county and Springfield is fairly centrally located and very close to Baltimore Pike and Route 1 and has easy access from multiple arteries," he explained.

He believes sometime in the next two months they will be open for shots.



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