Mother pleads for answers after son gunned down in Cobbs Creek

A mother is pleading for answers after her son was gunned down in Cobbs Creek. It's been nearly a month and still no arrests have been made in the case.

"It's hard that he's not here. It's hard to come to terms that he's not going to be here," his mother told FOX 29.

He's not coming home to celebrate his 25th birthday and not coming home to finish training to be an EMT despite that dean's list award his mother still holds on to.

A month after Trina Singleton's eldest son Darryl was shot outside the house he grew up in on Hoffman Street in Cobbs Creek, his family is waiting and hoping praying for an arrest.

"That they wrote the end of his story that wasn't supposed to be the end. It's senseless to me it doesn't make sense," she explained.

Trina thought she did all the right things. The things society tells you to do so your child won't become a statistic. She and her husband sent Darryl to charter school, summer camp and vacations.

"He saw more than the neighborhood," she said.

She thinks Darryl's bright future stirred something dark in someone else. She thinks jealousy or anger led a gunman to ambush and shoot the 24-year-old again-and-again in his head and chest in the same backyard he'd played in as a child. Darryl wasn't even supposed to be home, if his EMT class hadn't been canceled. Detectives are investigating but Trina says in a neighborhood where people always know you're business no one will help a grieving mother put her son's soul to rest.

"Protecting a killer is only going to get more people killed. Silence is not safety," said Trina.