Move it or lose it: Philadelphia asks drivers to make way for street sweepers or face fines

If you regularly park your car in Philadelphia, chances are you're going to want to know when the street sweeper is coming around. Officials say drivers who do not move their parked car when the sweeper comes by will be subject to a small fine. 

Philadelphia will start Phase 2 of its Mechanical Street Cleaning program on Monday, and it will run through early November. The city's website said it used a "Liter Index" to pinpoint over a dozen neighborhoods that have the highest concentration of litter. 

The Philadelphia Streets Department has started posting signs on impacted streets to alert motorists to move their vehicles during cleaning times. So far, there have been signs posted in six of the 14 areas. You can find the complete streets list on Philadelphia's website

As the program starts, Philadelphia Streets Commissioner Carlton Williams said there will be a grace period where violating cars will get a warning slip. After the first week of May, Williams said violators will receive a $30 fine. 

The streets department is also working on a phone app called StreetSmart PHL to help drivers know where sweepers are and minimize time wasted.



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