Move over White Claw: New Jersey-based spiked seltzer proves to be a favorite

Move over White Claw, there's a new spiked seltzer in town and it's local.

Fans of a fairly new craft seltzer called J'aime Spiked Seltzer, which is made in a nondescript industrial park in Cherry Hill are raving about it.

"Basically, this is a little bit more of a complex taste and it reminds me of a craft beer more like a craft seltzer then White Claw spiked seltzer," Alex Colvin said.

White Claw took off like wildfire this year so much so there were reportedly shortages. But lo and behold, the craft brewers at Forgotten Boardwalk were working on their own version and released it five months ago. They won an award at a first-ever national hard seltzer competition in Colorado.

"Little did we know that we were going to take home second place in the entire thing and we outpaced everything from White Claw to Truly to Bon & Viv," brewery owner Jamie Queli said.

Queli is the owner of Forgotten Boardwalk. She gave up her suit and briefcase as an investment banker and started making craft beer seven years ago and now craft seltzer with clients like Chickie and Pete’s and other establishments in New Jersey.

For now, you can only get Forgotten Boardwalks’ two seltzer’s in New Jersey, Queli is hoping that could change.

"We’re gonna have to look toward distribution networks that would take us on and develop the brand," Queli said.