MS Police Chief adds 'all lives matter' to squad cars

FOX NEWS- A police chief in Mississippi added decals saying "All Lives Matter" on the bumper of his town's police cruisers, saying it's a message everyone should get behind.

He and the mayor of Edwards paid for the decals with their own money.

Police Chief Torrence Mayfield said he wanted to add the slogan after the shootings of Alton Sterling and Philando Castile, as well as the attacks on officers in Dallas, Baton Rouge and San Diego.

"It should not just be 'Black Lives Matter' or 'Blue Lives Matter,'" Mayfield said. "But Hispanic, Muslim, Jewish - all lives should matter and nothing warrants police officers' lives lost. We want this to resonate far and abroad. Everywhere. All communities should embrace this."

He said that he has received nothing but support from the community after the slogan was added to the cars, but there were some differing reactions among those who spoke to Mississipi News Now.

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