Multiple Rec Center Shootings Have Occurred In Less Than a Week

PHILADELPHIA, PA - Police are investigating a series of shootings at the Lonnie Young Rec Center in less than a week.

Children returned to the rec center playground Tuesday morning, just hours after a 23-year-old was shot and critically wounded.

The shooting was caught on tape and it has been the third shooting at the rec center in just 5 days.

"This disregard for people's welfare is ridiculous. I'm nervous. I'm scared because I live right across the park," said Camille Gilbert, a resident in the area.

Gilbert who lives across the street also says her children uses the pool at the rec center.

"They go to these rec centers and try to do something positive with their energy and it's frightening," said Gilbert.

According to Police, a rec center worker heard a gunshot after midnight and found the victim shot once in the back, but the shooter escaped.

"Great concern obviously. People are supposed to go there and have fun. Kids should go there and have fun, even adults for that matter," said Officer Richard Ross.

This shooting happened a day after a 16-year-old was critically wounded in the neck at the Rumph Rec Center while playing basketball. City Corrections Officer Duval Nelson has been charged in this shooting.

On Friday night, another incident occurred when a 42-year-old man was executed by two masked gunmen and an innocent bystander was shot outside the Tustin Rec Center in Overbrook. 100 children and their parents were at the center when the shooting occurred.

"If you can pull out a gun and start firing in that manner with 100 people out there, there's no words to describe it", said Nelson.

Officer Nelson says that residents must look after these children in an effort to keep everyone safe.