Murphy: 'We're not out of the woods;' NJ COVID uptick has many concerned

Several states are seeing another surge in coronavirus cases, including New Jersey. There is serious concern, especially about young people, living on college campuses.

Bells ringing at noon are a comforting sound on the Rowan University campus where 15,000 undergraduates study.

But, little is truly encouraging in the Fall of 2020 on a campus, or in the state of 9,000,000 people.

“I made it out alive, which is always a good thing,” stated Alex Micharski.

A student at Rowan, Micharski isn’t sure how he contracted COVID-19, but he spent time in the university’s isolation dorm where eight students have the virus now, with another seven sick and living off-campus.

“There’s still some frat parties going around with 50 people packed in a basement. There’s a few that happened this weekend,” Micharski added.

Rowan is reporting those 15 active cases with 56 students in quarantine due to exposure.

The state university says its total COVID count is 513 students and staff and argues it has largely kept the virus in check.

“That’s a big number for anybody to look at, but once you start analyzing, that is, what’s off-campus, on-campus – because at Rowan, we count everything,” Vice President of Rowan University Joe Cardona explained.

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Both state and local officials have reported a recent spike in positive COVID test results in Glassboro, New Jersey, home to Rowan.

The university says the rise in positive tests is largely due to old cases just now being reported to local officials.

But, the uptick falls in line with growing cases in Ocean and Monmouth Counties, prompting N.J. leaders to speak of another COVID wave.

“We’re not out of the woods, yet. We’ve crushed this unlike almost any American state, but it’s a little like 1st and goal. You still got to get into the end zone,” Governor Phil Murphy stated.

At Rowan, witty signs calling for COVID safety are posted and plastered all over. The message is clear, say students, but risk also plays a part.

“Is there fear, concern?” asked FOX 29’s Jeff Cole.

“There definitely is. I take lots of precautions. I know others don’t and they face the risk of getting it,” replied student Benjamin Busler.


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