Mystery visitor leaves cookies, thoughtful cards at grave site every Christmas

A New Jersey woman is hoping to find the person who leaves cookies and thoughtful cards at her grandparents' gravesite every Christmas.

Shelly Fuls says her family's tradition is to drop-off grave blankets at her grandparents' graves in Atlantic County Veterans Cemetery, located in Estell Manor Park, in the days before Christmas. 

On Christmas Day, they come back to the cemetery to spend time with them.

"I think of them every single day," says Shelly. "My grandpop had a really kind heart and my grandmom was the best grandmom in the entire world."

Earl and Dorothy Fuls were married for more than 50 years and passed away on the same exact day, five years apart.

Shelly says through their Christmas tradition, they have come to realize there is someone else who thinks very highly of her grandparents.

Every Christmas Day since 2013, she says someone beats them to the cemetery and leaves homemade cookies and personal, handwritten cards on Earl and Dorothy's graves.

For the first time this year, Shelly says the person signed the card with the initial "J." In years past, the person did not leave a name but alluded to the powerful impact her grandparents had on their life.

One of the letters wrote, in part, "Thank you for helping me come to know who I really am in my time of great distress. Your gift has sustained me and given me hope."

"It seems that this person is holding onto memories or something, they gave them hope, that's all I can see is hope," says Shelly.

Shelly shared pictures of the cards and cookies on her Facebook page in the hopes she can connect with this kind visitor.

At the very least, she says her family wants this person to know that the visits and gifts do not go unnoticed and they are deeply appreciated.

"I know it's not easy to come to graves especially during the holidays and it just means a lot to us that they come every year and make sure they stop by," she says. "You don't have to tell us the whole story. We're here no matter what."


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