Naked suspect found sleeping in underage girl's bedroom at Phoenix home: police

A naked intruder was found in the bedroom of a young girl, and we're learning the disturbing details revealed in court documents after the suspect was arrested for indecent exposure.

It all happened at a home near 67th Avenue and Thomas Road. Police say a 12-year-old girl alerted her family to a man who was naked in her bed. The 28-year-old suspect ended up a half-block away, trying to hide on someone's property, but that didn't work.

Take a look at the surveillance video from May 22 just after 9 a.m., where you see a man arriving in front of the Gonzalez residence.

"We started to hear banging on our door and just commotion going on outside, and then I looked at our security camera, and we saw there was a mob of people outside of our house," said Kelly Gonzalez.

Gonzalez says she and her family found Diego Felix initially trying to trespass into their backyard, but several people pulled up in time to confront him.

According to court documents, Felix got into the girl's bed and was completely naked. The victim told investigators whoever was next to her asked her to touch his leg. After waking up and turning the bedroom light on, police say she immediately went ot her uncle and the family told Felix to leave.

Felix is accused of two counts of indecent exposure and possession of narcotics. Police say they found a small bag of cocaine on him.

During his interview with Phoenix Police officers, documents say Felix knew he "made a mistake and if he has to pay for it, he will."

"It brings us to a shock honestly because we’ve never had anything even remotely similar to this happening before. not only our house, but our backyard," said Gonzalez.

How did the suspect even get into this house?

Police say Felix told them he came to a party with friends, but the victim and her family claim they don't know him very well.

We did speak to them briefly, but they did not want to comment further.

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