Neighborhood Celebrates Halloween Again for 3-Year-Old Girl Who Was in Hospital

While Thanksgiving might be over, one neighborhood in Tulsa, Oklahoma is still celebrating Halloween.

Days after her third birthday, Molly got sick with pneumonia and had to go to hospital, where she stayed for about a month.

"What turned into a 28 day stay in the hospital was originally supposed to be a week in the hospital which turned into a few surgeries, complications," explained Molly's mom, Stephanie Straight.

Forget the turkey, Molly was only concerned with candy and trick-or-treating. Stephanie took to Facebook to help make Halloween happen, despite what the calendar said.

Stephanie told KOTV: "The response was overwhelming. Within about 15 minutes there was about 60 families and 60 houses that offered to let us come over and trick or treat."

So instead of setting up the twinkling lights and Santa sleighs on their front yards, neighbors got out their Halloween decorations again. Molly was able to wear her princess Rapunzel costume and collect her candy just like all the other kids did a month ago.

Even though it's not quite the right celebration this time of year, at least the neighborhood was in the holiday spirit.

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