Neighboring police departments applaud Bryn Mawr healthcare providers during shift change

Officers from Radnor Township Police Department and Lower Merion Township Police Department lined the entrance of Bryn Mawr Hospital Wednesday night to applaud the men and women on the front lines of the coronavirus pandemic.

"Everybody wanted to come out and be part of something positive and that's what we need right now," Radnor Township Police Superintendent Chris Flannagan said.

For healthcare providers constantly immersed in the throes of the novel virus, garnering praise is what helps keep them going.

"It's a real risk for them, and I think they do it because they care," Head of Critical Care Clark Piatt said. "We've had some success in the last few days, which makes everybody feel good."

With a peak in the virus forecasted to happen this week in our area, hospital staff at Bryn Mawr and around the Delaware Valley stand ready to provide care and keep themselves healthy.

"Just trying to keep safe is the hardest thing," Nurse Lina Hinsdale said. "We want to make sure we are all protecting ourselves and everybody around us and keeping our families safe."


Mainline Health President and CEO Jack Lynch says his facility has enough beds and adequate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) should the number of cases spike.

"You just never know in terms of what the surge might be, but we've been building up our supply of PPE for weeks, searching across the country and the world for supplies," Lynch said.

Amid a constant battle of coronavirus, Wednesday night's gesture by officers from neighboring departments offered a welcomed respite from the pandemic.

"There have been some tears shed here," Lower Merion Police Department Superintendent Mike McGrath said.


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