New Jersey is the smartest state in the U. S., study says

New Jersey is the smartest state in the United States, according to a new study. compiled U.S. education and census data and ranked New Jersey number one with 91 percent of residents graduating high school, 24 percent with at least a bachelor's degree and an average SAT score of 1090.

"While we believe things like having high test scores and earning academic degrees represent one way of understanding and quantifying how smart someone is, we acknowledge that we're not taking into account things like emotional intelligence or common sense. Still, if living in a state where it’s important that a lot of your neighbors went to college or where high-schoolers have impressive SAT scores, our smartest states ranking may be quite helpful," the study said.

Pennsylvania came in at number 14 and Delaware was number 33.

FOX 29's Chris O'Connell spoke with people at Princeton University. 

“Why do you think people in New Jersey are the smartest?" O'Connell asked. "I don’t know I feel they are just hardworking people. I think it’s a very underrated state," Zach Yazdani said.

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