New Jersey lawmakers set to vote on recreational marijuana use

The stage is set. Lawmakers are preparing for a round of Monday votes that could make New Jersey the 11th in the nation to give the green light to casual cannabis, after Governor Phil Murphy and leaders of the State Senate and Assembly agreed on a general framework.

"The status quo was unacceptable. The amount of persons incarcerated and with records, as it relates to these low-end drug crimes, are in the six-digit number. Almost 200,000 people would be impacted by what we may be able to do on Monday," said Governor Murphy.

If passed, the law would implement a $42.00 per ounce tax and okay the sale and use of up to one ounce of pot for those over 21.

But, are there enough votes to get it passed?

Responsible Approaches to Marijuana Policy New Jersey, which opposes the measure, says it believes the state Senate is still short six to seven votes for approval.

They say legalization would increase the chances of children getting a hold of the drug, especially the edibles. Supporters tell FOX 29 passing recreational marijuana will stop thousands of unnecessary arrests and take pressure off the legal system.