New Jersey man sues town that charged him over toilet display in yard

A New Jersey man has filed suit after his town prosecuted him for displaying three toilets and Confederate flags in his front yard.

You might call the decorations on and outside a Winslow Township home a bit unusual. There's. statues, animal figures and the Confederate flag. It has driven a wedge among some neighbors.

"I don't mind the flags or any of the signs or anything. The toilets--I just don't think they belong on a lawn--and you know as decoration," neighbor Marilyn Larsen said.

Other neighbors who declined to go on camera say they find the Confederate Flag, toilets and other items offensive and support the township's actions against homeowner Michael Speece.

"One man's garbage is another man's gold and this wasn't garbage in this case." Attorney David Castellani said.

He is the attorney for the homeowner who filed a lawsuit against Winslow Township officials claiming a violation of the owner's First Amendment rights.

He says the township charged his client with health and safety violations for no reason.

"They were new toilets. There was nothing unsanitary about them. They were new toilets with flowers in them," Castellani said.

FOX 29 reached out to Winslow Township officials for comment but the administrator says the township is not permitted to comment on pending litigation.

Neighbors on both sides of the home display are surprised it even came to a court case.

"We have so many important issues in this country and so many things that pertain to human beings and I just don't think we have a need to do a lawsuit over toilets and stuff like that," Larsen said.

FOX 29 was unable to reach the homeowner, but his attorney says they are not looking for any kind of dollar amount just a civil victory.