New Jersey mother remembers son on anniversary of disappearance

A mother keeps hope alive.

Mark Himebaugh disappeared from the Del Haven section of Middle Township November 25, 1991, 27 years ago.

He was just 11-years-old.

Police have not cracked the case in all this time.

His mother has one plea…she hopes someone will come forward with information on what happened that day.

"He was probably about three there," Maureen Himebaugh said.

Himebaugh reminiscing the short 11 and a half years she lived with her amazing baby boy.

"He was adorable, absolutely adorable red head," Himebaugh remarked.

His name is Mark, but folks called him "Curious George," as he was always exploring whatever was going on in his Del Haven, New Jersey neighborhood.

"This week is always very hard for me," Maureen stated.

Himebaugh last called her son inside for dinner, tucked him in and kissed him goodnight 27 years ago. Mark disappeared then, kidnapped in broad daylight.

"If someone had told me, years ago, I'd lose one of my children, I would have thought 'You're crazy,'" Maureen said.

Just one sneaker found, purposely placed on the beach.

Himebaugh had to watch her son grow up through age-enhanced images, posted by authorities. Mark would be 38-years-old now.

"He looks a lot like his brother. I really do believe he would look like that now," Maureen added.

The search for Mark continues. So does his mom's annual visit to a tree of hope, dedicated 26 years ago at Mark's school.

"It makes me feel good, really feel good," Maureen said.

Maureen Himebaugh says she really appreciates that Middle Township detectives still reach out to her when what may be a clue surfaces, because it means, while it's a cold case, it's not a forgotten case.

"It's not impossible that we won't get an answer. If somebody came to me and said it's a relative or a neighbor two doors down…for me, nothing would surprise me. I just really want closure, you know?" Himebaugh states.

It's why she says she'll continue to talk about it on the anniversary of the worst day of her life, as someone may come forward and tell what they know.

"You never know if that one time," Himebaugh adds.

While her heart tells her Mark is gone for good, she remains in the home he knows just in case.

"It could happen, yes, and I'm not giving up that he could come home," Himebaugh explains.