New Jersey police, communities celebrate National Night Out

Police across southern counties of New Jersey Tuesday held public outreach events as part of National Night Out. The events were designed to bridge the gap between law enforcement and the communities they serve. 

In Camden, officers hosted the first of four 'Night Out' events in the city. Police could be scene tossing frisbees with local kids and handing out free goodies like backpacks and fresh school supplies.

"They actually love these events because they get to interact with the community," Chief Stephen Riedener said. "It really gives them an outlet to be who they are rather than a tough guy behind the badge."

Over in Pennsauken, another huge gathering connected kids and emergency responders. Many say in a week filled with headlines of mass shooting, events where the community comes together as one is a welcomed change.

"I think we should have more gathering like this," Devonna Starks said. "It would make people feel safer, you know, and it would bring communities together.

National Night Out began in Lower Marion Township as the 'Lower Marion Township Watch.' Now, millions celebrate the with events just like the ones seen across southern New Jersey on Tuesday.