New Jersey Transit removes texting bus driver from route

Jaw dropping video shows a New Jersey Transit bus driver texting and driving and, at one point, he doesn't have a single hand on the wheel of the bus.

The passenger who took the video says he feared for his life.

The bus driver is no longer behind the wheel of any New Jersey Transit bus, but it's not stopping people from being extremely concerned.

The story begs the question…does a person record the law breaking bus driver, or does a person say something because the texting puts everyone in danger?

"I ride the bus every day, it's so scary," said one angry New Jersey Transit rider.

"He's texting right now and driving a bus. That's one way to get somebody killed," said Ernest Beceril, another angry bus rider.

"Yeah, that's pretty dangerous," said New Jersey Transit rider Tiffany Adams.

A passenger recorded the driver the week of January 22 on the route through Atlantic and Cumberland Counties. He posted the video on his Facebook page, which set off a flurry of angry comments.

"What would you do if you're on that bus? I would definitely tell them to put that phone down. He's got or lives in his hands. That's really dangerous," Adams said.

"There's a law you're not allowed to do that. You're supposed to follow the law," said angry rider Diane Herman.

It didn't take long before New Jersey Transit found out about the recording. They contacted the passenger through Facebook and ID'd the driver. The driver had worked for New Jersey Transit 24 years.

A spokesperson for New Jersey Transit said this: "We have identified the bus operator from this video and immediately removed him from service. New Jersey Transit will take swift and appropriate action upon the completion of a thorough investigation."

"Well, that's wrong and he's trying to hide it. You can tell that. It's just wrong," said another rider, Andrew Molson.

"You don't do that and he is driving and texting at the same time. Boy, he should be fired," Beceril added.

On social media, there were some questions about the public shaming of the New Jersey Transit driver, but people agreed that this may cause other bus drivers to think twice about texting and driving. New Jersey Transit's investigation is ongoing.