New trash cans rolled out to be emptied by community organizations and residents

The city revealed trash cans as part of a new program, but the city will not be responsible for emptying them. People in Philadelphia neighborhoods will be responsible for maintaining the trash cans. It has some asking will this new program really keep our streets clean?

New trash cans decorated and painted by local middle-schoolers were rolled out Thursday in Southwest Philadelphia and Juniata. For some business owners, the sight of another trash can means more upkeep and a bigger mess.

"I have a problem that the trash can appeared here yesterday," business owner Truty Sterling told FOX 29.  "You find equal trash at the foot than inside the trash can."

These trash cans have to be emptied by community organizations like the African Cultural Alliance of North America (ACANA). However, not every community will be serviced by ACANA. Some will be using community members and volunteer residents.

"It's their responsibility but I'm not going to rely on them to do it," resident Stanley Dern said. "It's their responsibly but we can't sit on our couches say oh the city supposed to pick up the trash and we standing two feet from it."

Director of Philadelphia Zero Waster and Litter Nic Esposito says the city is also using independently contract groups to clean out trash cans regularly.

"We are not forcing this on any communities. There are many communities that came to us and said we are interested in this. We can do this," he said. 


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