Newborn Baby Found in Christmas Nativity Manger at Church

QUEENS, NY (FOX NEWS INSIDER) - Some say it was an early Christmas miracle.

A newborn baby was found lying inside a manger at a New York church on Monday.

The little boy, whose name is not known, was found nestled within a nativity scene by a church official, said Bishop Octavio Cisneros of the Holy Jesus Child Church.

He had been tucked into a towel, and was heard crying from the manger.

People are now calling the newborn "baby Jesus."

Some have even expressed an interest in adopting him, Heather Childers said this morning on "Fox and Friends First."

Rev. Christopher Ryan Heanue said there was a "young couple" in the parish "who have been trying to adopt for some time, and really feel motivated, feel moved, feel inspired by this."

Police are looking to speak with the baby's mother, who they believe abandoned him on the day he was born without telling anyone

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