'Newsweek' writer vs. ObamaCare replacement bill voters

In a series of mostly-deleted tweets, senior Newsweek writer Kurt Eichenwald slammed House Republicans for voting for the ObamaCare replacement bill.

The Daily Caller was able to capture the other tweets before Eichenwald deleted them and softened his words.

"As one [with a] preexisting condition, I hope every GOPr (sic) who voted 4 Trumpcare sees a family member get long term condition, lose insurance and die," Eichenwald wrote.

Apparently responding to criticism of his initial tweet, Eichenwald continued: "Nobody tell me how to feel knowing if I lose my insurance, I'm dead. I want the GOPrs (sic) who support this to feel the pain in their own families because I want them to be tortured," he said.

Click here for FOX News to see the series of tweets, plus Eichenwald's lengthy statement explaining his stance to the reporter who captured his tweets.