NFL teams, refs using new hand sanitizer devices created by Chester County PPE company

A Chester County company has created a new personal hand sanitizing device that will be used by the NFL this season.

Fusion Personal Protective Equipment crafted the "Orbel" device that applies hand sanitizer through a set of roller balls that prevent users from using excessive amounts of sanitizer.

To use the Orbel, the user just simply swipes their hand across the unit, obtaining just enough sanitizing gel, then rubs both hands together to distribute the gel.

The Orbel can easily be attached to an article of clothing for easy access.

Fusion PPE says the Orbel unit sanitizes areas of the hand that are linked to cross-contamination. The units are also recyclable and eco-friendly.

The company says the sanitizer is made up of 72% ethyl alcohol, has moisturizer in it, has a pleasant fragrance.

Some NFL teams have already begun using the Orbel units, and the NFL has purchased them for referees to use during games.

Hospitals, casinos, restaurants, salons, and law enforcement are among the other industries using the Orbel device.

You can buy Orbels in bulk on their website. 


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