NJ balloon artist with autism honors essential workers

Courtesy: Jenny Lin

An artist in Edison, New Jersey, has found a unique way to say thank you to essential workers during the coronavirus pandemic and he’s doing it with balloons.

Eddie Lin, 22, has been creating balloon art to inspire and honor the essential workers in his area such as mail carriers, healthcare professionals and grocery store employees. His mother says Lin was diagnosed with autism at the age of three and by 10, he was watching YouTube tutorials on balloon art.

In 2014, Lin began taking classes in balloon art during a family trip to Taiwan. From there, his hobby of making balloon art blossomed into a business called Ausome Balloon Creator.

The business is a family affair. Lin makes the balloons, his younger brother helps him with all the birthday parties and bat mitzvahs he works for and his sister handles all of the marketing and social media. His parents are also in on the business where his dad will make deliveries for all of the large orders and his mom is a main partner in the business.


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