NJ ice cream parlor owner accused of recording employees in changing room

Disturbing allegations out of a Vineland ice cream parlor after police say a local business owner secretly recorded his employees. According to police, the victims were all juveniles.

On a hot, sticky day, an ice cream shop should be conducting brisk business, but the Cool Breeze Ice Cream Parlor in Vineland is locked up. So is its owner.

Owner Larry Bostic, 65, faces five counts of child endangerment and five counts of invasion of privacy.

Female workers who had an uneasy feeling about the work environment contacted police. After executing a search warrant at the ice cream stand, police found evidence of illegal monitoring. A hidden camera was placed in the dressing room where the girls working for Bostic would change.

Police say Bostic also had a monitor and recording device in his locked office.

Licensed in February, Bostic opened the shop in April. But a check of property taxes indicates trouble for the storefront.

Bostic owes over $9,300 dollars for all of 2016 and some of 2017. He faces losing the property in an October tax sale.