NJ parents start petition asking Gov. Murphy to give students virtual learning option

Thousands of New Jersey parents are demanding that Governor Phil Murphy allow students to learn virtually.

A petition on change.org is 15,000 signatures strong to send this powerful message to Gov. Murphy: bring back virtual learning.

"Districts are not allowed to offer virtual learning because he has said that all kids must be in the classroom and that’s the best place to be that is such a false statement," parent Karen Strauss said.

Strauss is a mother and one of the parents who started the group New Jersey Parents for Virtual Choice. She says this should be an option for all parents and students.

"There’s no interference with in-person learning and you have a choice," she explained.

But what do the students themselves think? Jagger Eaton is in elementary school and says some kids take advantage of online learning.

"For some kids like they just in remote completely go on different games and stuff and just play different stuff instead of listening to the classes," he said.


Kim Blum understands both sides of the argument.

"Probably a good thing for some, but not for everybody. I think that there are some that need that face-to-face in-person contact. I think they do miss out on socialization when they’re not in person," she said.

Strauss understands the petition does not force legal action on the governor, nonetheless, she hopes he pays attention to what it represents.

"It’s showing him look at all the support you’re losing by not offering this option. All these people want this," she said. 



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