NJ recreational marijuana: What to know before heading to a local dispensary

Seven medical marijuana companies in New Jersey have been given the green light to start selling recreational marijuana at more than a dozen locations Thursday

New Jersey became one of the 18 states that legalized recreational marijuana in November 2020 after Public Question 1 had overwhelming support in the November 2020 election. 

Nearly two years later, sales can finally begin, but many New Jersey residents still have questions about what they can legally purchase and where. 

When can I start purchasing recreational marijuana in NJ?

New Jersey residents who are 21 and older can legally begin to purchase recreational marijuana and cannabis products at 6 a.m. Thursday, April 21. 

Where can I purchase recreational marijuana in NJ?

According to the State of New Jersey’s NJOIT Open Data Center, there are seven dispensaries that sell recreational cannabis throughout the state, including several locations in the South Jersey area. 

The dispensaries are: 

What do I need to purchase recreational marijuana in NJ?

In order to purchase marijuana and cannabis products from a dispensary, you will need a government-issued ID. 

State officials say dispensary personnel is not allowed to make copies of your ID or keep a record of your purchase beyond what is required to complete a single transaction. 

Is there a limit on how much recreational marijuana I can purchase?

The State of New Jersey says dispensaries are allowed to sell up to one ounce of cannabis. This means one ounce of the dried flower form, five grams of concentrates, resins and oils, or 1000 mg of ingestible products such as gummies and foods. 

Legal combinations include the purchase of half an ounce of the dried flower form and 2-and-a-half grams of concentrate or five packages of gummy products and half an ounce of the dried flower form. 

How much will the products cost?

Prices will vary depending on each dispensary, but a 6.625% NJ sales tax and social equity excise fee will be added to your total cost, according to the Cannabis Regulatory Commission

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How do I consume recreational marijuana responsibly?

The State of New Jersey is encouraging people to buy marijuana from licensed dispensaries and understand how to read the label. The state also says cannabis products should be consumed in moderation. 

Officials are also warning potential consumers to be aware that using marijuana along with alcohol medicine, other stimulants and some foods can impair them more than if they were used alone. 

Additional safety tips include: 

  • Keep cannabis products out of reach of minors and pets. It’s best to keep them locked
  • Do not use cannabis products if you are pregnant, planning to get pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Avoid exposing others to secondhand smoke

Where can I legally consume recreational marijuana in NJ?

According to the state, you cannot share your marijuana or cannabis products with anyone under the age of 21. Additionally, like alcohol, cannabis containers must be sealed shut while in your car. 

Although recreational marijuana use is now legal for adults in the state, it remains illegal to drive under the influence of marijuana or any other substances. 

Marijuana can be smoked in private spaces, but landlords have the right to prohibit the use of cannabis and possession on their property. 

Additionally, it is illegal to purchase cannabis in the State of New Jersey and cross state lines. 

Can my place of employment punish me for consuming recreational marijuana?

The NJ Cannabis Regulatory Commission says general cannabis use cannot be a determining factor in the decision to hire or fire someone. Despite this, employers have the right to maintain a drug and alcohol-free work environment. 

Employers also have the right to contract drug recognition experts who may perform random drug tests for intoxication at work and anyone who appears to be impaired on the job or who has been in a workplace accident can be tested. 

What resources are available to me?

For those who think they or someone else is suffering from cannabis poisoning or toxicity, call the New Jersey Poison Center at 1-800-222-1222. If the person is unresponsive call 911. 

Those who are struggling with marijuana addiction or addiction to other substances can click here