NJ sisters plead for return of mom's ashes following car break-in

Two Burlington County sisters are pleading for the return of their mom's ashes after they were stolen during a car break-in.

"They took my mom and that’s something I can’t ever, ever, ever get back," Brittany Stafford said.

The sisters have been distraught since Sunday morning that’s when Brittany discovered that someone smashed her car window and stole purse with her mom's ashes inside.

"It’s like losing her all over again because anytime I needed her I would just hold her I had her it was safe for me. They took that away," Brittany added.

Brittany and her sister Bobbi say it happened on the 400 block of Cinnaminson Avenue in Palmyra.

Police say they’re investigating a handful of car break-ins.

The sisters say their mom, Pam Stafford, passed away of cancer on Sept 6, 2018. This Sunday marks two years since she died.

"I feel like getting it back in time for her anniversary would be a blessing," Bobbi said.

Brittany and Bobbi have spent the last several days canvassing the neighborhood contacting local businesses and desperately digging through trash cans. They hope their story reaches whoever did this. The sisters just want their mom back with no questions asked.

"I want them to realize what their actions do to people," Bobbi said.


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