NJ State Troopers rescue toddler and dog from locked car

A New Jersey State Police Trooper's dashcam captures a lifesaving moment. It shows a trooper pull a crying 2-year-old boy out from a hot car he was accidentally locked inside.

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"We got there and we saw the baby was in distress, just sweaty and his cheeks were red," said Trooper Jacob Sherry. He and his partner Trooper Steven Hodge got the call around 5:00 Friday afternoon. A grandmother called 911 saying she had accidentally locked the baby and a dog in the car.

"It's upsetting to see that," said Trooper Sherry. By the time they got there the two had been in the car for about 30 minutes. They immediately told the grandmother they had to break the window.

"The dog was pacing back and forth. He was breathing heavy," they said. "We broke the window. We were able to unlock the car, get the dog and the baby out and move them to an air conditioned vehicle get them some water."

It happened while the grandmother was visiting Batsto Village. It's an historic site in Hammonton Township. They say after she put her grandson and the dog in the car she went to open the driver side door and noticed her keys on the passenger seat and the doors locked.

"It looked like she was upset that she made the mistake of letting the keys drop in the car. It was pure accidental. It wasn't anything malicious," said Trooper Sherry. The most frightening part is the temperature that day.

"It was hot out that day. About 90 degrees and about 100 degrees in the car. We had to make entry immediately," said Trooper Hodge.

EMS arrived and checked out the toddler. He is ok. As emotional as it was both troopers say they're not heroes. This is what they do.

"We're just trying to keep everybody safe out here. That's what our goal is."