NJ to give option for all-remote learning, local families wrestle with decision to keep kids home

Parents in New Jersey will soon have the option to opt for all-remote learning for their children for the upcoming school year, Governor Phil Murphy announced Monday

New Jersey's Department of Education will be releasing guidance later this week to allow parents to select all-remote learning for their children.

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy

New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy (Edwin J. Torres/Governor's Office)

Murphy announced the coming guidance during his daily press briefing on Monday.

“Like everyone else, we are taking it one day at a time,” Juanita Stewart said.

Stewart and her fifth grade son wrapping up a pool day and talking about school in the fall.

“I pray they don’t have to be homeschooled,” Stewart commented.

Three South Jersey families talked about remote learning and each family was 100 percent against it.

“Homeschooling is very difficult. Hats off to teachers, hats off to administrators, to the staff, to the principals. Hats off,” Stewart added.

“We noticed it was a lot harder for her to learn and we were on her every day, but I don’t know if it’s the socializing or what, but it seemed very difficult for her to pay attention and everything,” Ed Taylor remarked.

All three families are comprised of working parents, concerned about the possibility of remote learning. Ed Taylor, father of three girls, says he was COVID positive in April.

“None of them got it, so we are full force as far as letting them go back to school,” Taylor said.

“I’m torn. I’m torn. Let’s just put it that way,” Renee Nusbaumer stated.

For others like Nusbaumer there’s a lot more gray in their minds when it comes to what’s best for their own family, versus what’s safest for everyone.

“I think he needs the hybrid because of socialization and he is understanding what he needs to do, but the kids that have hands in faces all the time, I’m worried about them,” Nusbaumer added.

In the same briefing, Gov. Murphy announced contact drills, practices and competitions can resume, effective immediately, for high-risk sports.

Those practices must be held at outdoor venues, and sports will still have to abide by a number of health and safety protocols.

On Monday, New Jersey reported 177 new coronavirus cases and nine new deaths.




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