No trial for Amtrak engineer in deadly crash until 2019

PHILADELPHIA (AP) -- An Amtrak engineer charged with manslaughter in a deadly high-speed derailment in Philadelphia won't go on trial until next year because of delays in getting evidence from federal investigators.

A lawyer for Brandon Bostian says neither he nor state prosecutors have been able to get the on-board videos and other evidence needed to try the case. A Philadelphia judge on Wednesday ordered Bostian to appear in court Dec. 20 so she can set a trial date.

Defense lawyer Brian McMonagle says it's still not clear what caused the train to accelerate.

Eight people were killed and about 200 injured in 2015 when the New York-bound train derailed on a curve as it traveled at twice the speed limit.

Federal investigators concluded that Bostian lost track of where he was after hearing that a nearby commuter train had been struck by a rock.