NOMO Foundation to open and operate youth transitional housing program in West Philly

A Philadelphia anti-violence program is expanding to create 23 apartments for young people, ages 18 to 24.

‘New Options More Opportunities’ (NOMO) is an anti-violence program that offers youth the necessary education, life skills, and career development to keep them off the streets and prepare them for a productive future. NOMO, which is based on North Broad Street in Philadelphia, recently expanded and will now have a location on Lancaster Avenue in West Philly.  

The three-story building is the new ‘Tom Reid Village NOMO West Site,’ and it will be available to kids living in unstable homes or living on the streets. 

Rickey Duncan, the founder of NOMO, says he named the new site after his mentor, who he refers to as the "Godfather" of Philadelphia violence prevention. He says he wants kids to have a safe place to go where they can gain valuable financial literacy skills.

"A lot of times, a lot of kids’ homes are not home. So, we want to be able to create that space because we also see the violence in Philadelphia. It’s a lot of hurt people, hurting people and there’s a lot of young people living on the streets and doing whatever they got to do to get off the streets," Duncan explained. 


The program will run a year to 18 months and each young person will have a case manager and a detailed progress plan. Participants of the program will also get a bank account while establishing insurance and credit. 

Duncan says the goal of this program is to set the kids up to eventually become homeowners and ensure they have gainful employment. He calls the program a big, but necessary step to helping youth succeed.

"I’m making a change," Duncan said. "Every time that I see different needs inside my community, I feel that it's something I need to go at."

The new building will also have an event space for experts to come in and assist the youth with vocational training. The building will include a hair salon, a barber shop, and an in-house store. It will open September of this year.