North Dakota brewery is putting shelter dogs on its beer cans

One brewery is combining shelter dogs and beer for a good cause.

Fargo Brewing Company in North Dakota is featuring faces of shelter dogs on its craft beer cans. The company partnered with “4 Luv of Dog,” a non-profit organization, in order to help some pups find a forever home.

One dog volunteer said the featured dogs would be best adopted into a home with no other pets. They hope potential owners looking for only one dog will see faces they like and come for a visit. 

“Our wonder dogs are dogs that will live their best life in a home by themselves and there’s no other pets,” 4 Luv of Dog Volunteer Jerad Ryan told KVRR. “So, they can be a little bit tougher to find homes for, foster homes, that type of thing. So, we are featuring those dogs in a can and bringing them here, so the public can meet them.”