St. Patrick's Day parade in North Wildwood will go on as planned

The St. Patrick's Day parade in North Wildwood parade will go on this year as planned.

The 2021 parade is set for Saturday, March 13 despite COVID and while other locales from Philadelphia to Atlantic City to Ocean County have canceled their parades, North Wildwood is moving forward. But with the state's limits on outdoor gatherings, how will they do that? 

"Under the current governor's executive orders, we would not be doing this as a municipality. However, the organizations that have approached us mostly have a religious affiliation, and they specifically mention that they would be interested in sponsoring this under the religious exemption in the governor's executive order," Mayor Patrick Rosenello said.

The response on the North Wildwood Recreation and Tourism's Facebook page?  Comments like "Yes!!! A glimmer of hope and normalcy." Virtually all in support. But can it be done safely?

"This town, being the size that it is, and how well they've run their parades in the past, I have 100% confidence that they absolutely can," resident Sharon Cannon said.

The mayor says about 200 people participate and in March they don't get the summertime crowds.

"This is an outdoor event, people can social distance, they can wear masks. I think it's completely safe for them to do that," Mayor Rosenello said.


2021 Philadelphia Saint Patrick's Day Parade canceled due to COVID-19 pandemic



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