Northeast Philly man makes headbands to create comfort for healthcare workers

A Northeast Philadelphia man is making headbands in hopes of making healthcare workers more comfortable while wearing masks.

Tim Stricker, of Northeast Philadelphia, has been finding a new way of occupying his free time during the COVID-19 pandemic. It’s with a needle and some thread.

“I said you know what? I used to sew my hockey socks. I said I think I can knock a few of these out,” Stricker explained.

FOX 29’s Jennifer Joyce talked to this father who is determined to keep his kids safe and a little more comfortable while they are wearing their masks on the front lines fighting the virus.

“Think about when you had a Halloween mask on, how uncomfortable they were on your ears. These nurses are wearing these masks 12 hours a day," he added.

Stricker says he’s hearing this firsthand. His son, Matt, is a nurse at Temple University Hospital while his pregnant daughter, Lauren, is a nurse at Pennsylvania Hospital. Right now, he’s getting a double dose of reality.

“We never thought they’d be wartime nurses and they’re wartime nurses right now and I just pray for them every day," Stricker said.

Stricker is turning his stress, sadness, and fear into something positive with a quick stitch. He’s even having a little fun while modeling his highly popular leopard headband. The headbands are meant to avoid and help with the painful pinching and tugging of the elastic bands that hold the mask together.

Tiny doses of laughter help break up Stricker’s workday. He says that as long as there is a need, he’ll be home, cranking out headbands for our local heroes.

“My daughter took a bunch into work yesterday and the girls sent me a pic saying thank you for how much they’re helping them," he said.

Stricker doesn’t want the exposure and the only reason he wanted to talk to FOX 29 was in the hopes of inspiring the other people around him to step up and help out their local healthcare workers on the front lines battling the coronavirus. He’s stepping up, one mask at a time.



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