NRA conventioneers thrilled with Trump, Pence speeches

The highlight for NRA conventioneers on Friday was speeches from President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence back-to-back.

While thousands filled the convention center arena to watch in person, others in the exhibit halls stopped shopping to watch on televisions. For many of those who got to see the president and vice president in person, it was an experience of a lifetime.

"We loved it! It was very, the energy and there was just, you just, unexplainable. We came all the way from Florida," said Carolyne Stires, NRA member.

Cori Todd said it was refreshing to hear the president speak about God and not just guns.

"It's not just about guns it's about society and it's about repairing the issues we have in society right now," Todd said.

Ken Leonard said he will never forget Friday because his first cousin was honored for confronting and wounding the gunman who murdered 26 people in a small Baptist church in Sutherland Springs.

"President Trump lit up the crowd, but the best part was for me to hear Mike Pence talk about my cousin Stephen Willeford, who was the hero Sutherland Springs," Leonard said. "That was incredible."

A select group of Trump supporters greeted him and Pence at a rainy Dallas Love Field.

Supporters of the president and the media had to wait in the rain without umbrellas since umbrellas are considered a security risk. Many people had their kids with them, but being drenched seemed like a small price to pay to see the president step out of air force one up close and personal.

"It was very cool, a once in a lifetime experience. We're glad we did it," said Amanda Bowers.

Pence, Senator Ted Cruz and Attorney General Ken Paxton greeted the crowd. Trump was behind schedule, so he simply gave a wave before hopping in his limousine.

The NRA convention will continue through Sunday in downtown Dallas. It has 15 acres of guns, gear, accessories and seminars and is expected to draw an estimated 80,000 people.