Facility for seniors in Downingtown pleads for more doses of COVID-19 vaccine

A facility for seniors in Downingtown, Chester County is pleading for COVID-19 doses to administer to its residents and staff. 

Renee Heifetz, 83, has only left her Downingtown independent living apartment once in the past year. 

"You have to entertain yourself in your apartment so it’s a lot of reading," she said.

She was hoping either her age, cardiac condition, or diabetes would help her get the COVID-19 vaccine and start living again. But she's still waiting.

She is a resident of Ashbridge Manor Senior Living. Out of the 116 residents, more than 100 are still waiting for a vaccine appointment. 

It's not for lack of trying between the endless phone calls, etc.

Family members and those who run the community have been trying for months to get residents here vaccinated to no avail.

"I would say three to four pharmacies, local hospitals, and of course our department of health," Cynthia Stewart, executive director, said.

She adds all of the residents fall under the 1A category but so far it's every resident for themselves.

"Ideally I’d like an on-site clinic here. But at this point we’d be happy to transport them to where ever we need to just to get the vaccine," she said.



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