Officer Buys Bicycle For Little Girl

INDIANAPOLIS, IN (WTXF)--A little girl was stripped of her precious bicycle, but the kindness of one Indiana police officer helped brighten that little girl's day.

Serynity understood when her mom and dad told her money was tight and she wasn't getting a new bike for her birthday.

"I mean we're still saving pop cans for a cheerleading uniform so she knew it wasn't going to happen," says Serynity's mom, Bobbey Ricketts.

But her parents did what they had to do and picked up some extra shifts to give their daughter her dream birthday present.

"I think we were more excited to give her the bike than she was to get it. We surprised her when she got home from school that day," Ricketts says.

"It's pink and it has a flower seat and these little things right here," Serynity says.

The day after her birthday some neighborhood troublemakers stole her bike from her backyard.

"It was a big melt down. I was crying and she was crying," Ricketts says.

Serynity's mom didn't know what to do so she called the police.

"I didn't expect them to anything but maybe paperwork for a stolen bike or theft. I was amazed they showed up in the first place," Ricketts says.

After the officers assessed the situation and left the Rickett's home, the family continued to look for the bike--they had no luck.

Just before bedtime Anderson police officer, Matt Jarrett, came back with a new bike that looked just like the stolen one.

"The police officer was really, really nice," Serynity says.

"She gave him hugs, after hugs, after hugs," Ricketts says.

Office Jarrett then had a heart-to-heart with Serynity's mom.

The sparkly bike may have been what this girl wanted--but even at 8 years old she realizes she got even more.

"She woke up the next morning and it wasn't, 'Mom can I ride my bike?' It was, 'Mom that officer is amazing, he didn't have to do that,'" Ricketts says.