Officer helps homeless man find shelter and much needed help

A Kansas City police officer abided by his vow to serve and protect by helping a homeless man find shelter and much needed help.

It was at a Kansas City Walgreens that officer Oliver Weeks met an elderly man desperate for help.

Weeks said, "He had lost everything. He lost his wallet, lost his phone. He just had a couple pieces of paper."

Weeks encounters homeless people often during his overnight shifts in the city.

But something about this man was different.

As he openly shared his battle with alcoholism, diabetes and a once happy life that was now unraveling.

"He looked at me and he's like officer, I just need some help. He's like please help me. And it just grabbed me. I'm like, I got to help this guy," Weeks said.

Weeks called an ambulance - which is usually where his job ends.

But this time - he showed up at the hospital when the man was discharged - and offered him a ride.

"It grabbed me. It was emotional. I was like, all right, man. I put him in the front seat of my patrol car. I was like, I'm going to help you out."

Driving until they reached the Benilde Hall Program on the city's east side.

"We are a transitional living facility that houses homeless men," Rachelle Smith, from the Benilde Hall Program, said.

A non-profit organization that also offers treatment for drug addiction and mental health issues.

A place Weeks researched on his own.

Smith said, "This officer gave us a call and we had an opening for this individual to come and receive the resources he desperately wanted and needed."

The man just completed his first week of treatment. The first step to a better life. And an officer who is rooting for him.

Week said, "Our whole mission is to protect and serve. And we spend a lot of our time protecting but every now and then, we get to serve and this is one of those times where I got to serve and it was awesome."