Officer Photographed Helping Young Boy Tie His Shoe

(INSIDE EDITION)- A picture of an Indiana police officer helping a young boy tie his shoe has gone viral after it was posted to Facebook.

Today a fwpd officer was driving around. He rolled down his window and talked to a few kids and noticed one had a shoe...

The caption for the image, posted by Melissa F. Caballero, said that the Fort Wayne cop, who was later identified as Ricky Howard, was talking to a few kids from his car when he noticed that one of boy's shoe was untied.

He got out of his vehicle and tied the boy's shoe.

Caballero wrote: "Thank you officer for showing our youth that cops aren't always the bad guys they are made out to be!"

One of the comments on Caballero's page was: "Yesterday on our way to your house, we saw a police officer playing basketball with a little boy on the court in your complex! Idk if it's the same one, or if the boy was the officers son, but we thought it was cool!"

Another was: "That is wonderful."

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